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Lalegno Rigid Vinyl Plank Cortesee 2.2 m2 per pack. £42m2 .Free Shipping. Minimum Order 4 Packs.

Product Description

Cortese Rigid Vinyl Plank

We appreciate flooring is a major purchase for your home. 

Send us an email with the dimensions of your flooring and well work out how much you need and get back to you normally within 90 minutes with our best price.Discounts start from 10 sqaure meters.

If you require a sample let us know and we will sort quickly for you.

Lalegno Rigid Vinyl Plank Cortese

Lalegno’s Rigid Vinyl Plank (RVP) is the next generation of vinyl tile that offers a long list of benefits such as water resistance and sound reduction of up to 19dB, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.  It’s Huge 0.7mm wear layer is highly stain and scratch resistant and prevents discolouration from UV light.  It features an extremely stable SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) core which helps avoid expansion and contraction.  With the addition of a built-in underlay, you’ll find Rigid Vinyl Plank a beautiful addition to your home that is easy to fit, clean and maintain. The product is also 100% recyclable and Phthalate free

5G Click System

Product Code / Name

506 Cortese






Anti Scratch Aluminium Oxide Lacquer Coating


G5 Locking system

Product Dimensions

6.5/0.7 x 180 x 1524

Pack Size M2


Lalegno Rigid Vinyl Plank Cortesee 2.2 m2 per pack. £42m2 .Free Shipping. Minimum Order 4 Packs.

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