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Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

4th Apr 2023

Following the success of Lalegno RVF (Rigid Vinyl Flooring) in the UK, we introduce the latest innovation from the luxury Belgian flooring manufacturer: 2.5mm stick-down EIR LVT. LVT is 100% water … read more

14mm Engineered oak protective layer.

Posted by Mark Oak Floors 4U on 19th Mar 2023

One common question were are asked is what finish for my 14mm engineered oak is best UV oiled or lacquered.Our advise would be first and foremost pick a floor you like! 14mm engineered oak is inc … read more

Black Friday

21st Nov 2022

Please contact us on 07873757905 or email oakfloors4u@gmail for a great deal over the next week or so, We always price our floors to help the customer as much as we are able within the industry restri … read more

V4 Flooring

30th Oct 2022

We are delighted to announce we are now an official V4 wood flooring supplier. Please contact us by email or call Mark on 07873757905 for prices and advice.

How to guide for installation

Posted by Mark on 11th Nov 2020

Ideally when considering a wood floor for your home, fitting can be completed professionally or by an experienced DIY enthusiast. As an experienced wood floor fitter I have installed oa … read more