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14mm Engineered oak protective layer.

Posted by Mark Oak Floors 4U on 19th Mar 2023

One common question were are asked is what finish for my 14mm engineered oak is best UV oiled or lacquered.

Our advise would be first and foremost pick a floor you like! 

14mm engineered oak is incredibly versatile. It can be glued down to a concrete subfloor including underfloor heating on a flat subfloor or floated on an underlay over concrete or an existing timber subfloor.

Modern advances in UV oil and lacquered floors mean both will be an excellent way of protecting your floor.

Pre finished engineered oak have made life a lot easier. 

Traditionally oiled floors look more attractive than lacquered floors but were harder to maintain. UV oil has answered that problem and many lacquered floors are manufactured to look like UV oil. 

UV oil protects the floor by filling the pours of the oak whereas lacquered is a film that sits on top of the oak.

A110 Matt Lacquered

A104OF4U Oiled Oak

If you have any questions please call 07873757905 or email and we will happily help.

Many thanks for reading i hope this helps.

Kind regards


Oak Floors 4U