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Cortejo Muscat Cork Flooring 7mm x 190mm x 1225mm. Price on application.

Product Description

Introducing Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring – An All-Natural & Eco-Friendly Solution for the Modern Home

We are excited to welcome a brand new addition to the V4 Collection, sourced from the cork-rich forests of Portugal and expertly crafted for your home, Cortejo® Luxury Cork Flooring will help you to make a statement and support the planet, one step at a time.


A Green Light for Eco-Friendliness

In the heart of the Alentejo region, the cork oak has long thrived. This remarkable tree has the unique ability to regrow its bark after it is removed, and this bark is where we gather the cork for our Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring, a robust and versatile material that can be taken without harming the tree in any way.

The cork bark harvest is completely manual, with no need for heavy machinery and its accompanying pollutants, and all excess biomass is burned to generate more than half of the overall energy required to power the process.

Cork is 100% sustainable and 100% eco-friendly as a material, and has been vastly untapped for the large-scale benefits it could provide to all construction and manufacturing industries.

Thanks to its naturally robust and restorative nature, cork has the very real potential to replace the need for timber altogether. We are therefore very excited to utilise cork within our premium flooring range.

Negative Carbon Balance

Production utilises the waste material from the cork bottle stopper industry, along with cork bark harvesting that supports ancient eco systems. Cortejo really is our most sustainable flooring solution.

Helping to Reduce Global Warming

For each ton of cork produced, the cork oak forest retains up to 73 tons of CO2, helping to reduce Global Warming Potential (GWP).

COR226 Trousseau Oak 01a

Reasons to Get Excited for Our Luxury Cork Flooring

The environmental benefits of our Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring are many, which is why we are so proud to launch this range. But the benefits do not end there.

cortejo-air-quality.Improve Air Quality in Your Home

The flooring you choose has a noticeable impact on the air you breathe indoors, with a measurable scale to how many volatile organic compounds (or ‘VOCs’) your flooring produces, whether left standing or used regularly. These fumes, in certain instances, can have an impact on your physical health.

Vinyl flooring such as LVT is a key offender here, especially when paired with underfloor heating systems that warm the PVC and other synthetic materials, increasing the VOCs they emit.

Our Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring is entirely PVC-free, and has been tested rigorously to achieve its A+ rating for air quality, wholly complying with the standards laid out by industry-leading bodies such as Greenguard.

Cortejo DurabilityNaturally Durable Floors That Can Handle Anything

Due to cork’s natural elasticity and dense composition, it is one of the most shock-absorbant materials in existence, outperforming other options including carpeting.

You can soften the blow of a dropped phone or a child’s bumped knee with our premium cork flooring, finished with PVC-free protective coatings that offer additional resistance to water and long-term wear.

Our Cortejo Luxury Cork Floors are a fantastic choice for homeowners across the country, with a hardwearing and flexible composition meaning they can be installed virtually anywhere in your home.

cortejo-thermal-insulationSay No to Cold Feet in the Morning

Traditional flooring options like carpeting and tiling can cause issues at certain times of the year, with carpets heating up in the summer, and ceramic tiles chilling your feet in the winter. Cork offers a great middle ground between the two.

Wood has been the number one option for years, and our engineered wood flooring is a testament to that, but cork has really set the bar as a thermal insulator and regulator.

Combining the cushioned softness of carpet with the natural heat regulation of hardwood planks, cork flooring maintains a comfortable temperature underfoot, no matter the location or time of year.

cortejo-walking-comfortTake Underfoot Comfort to the Next Level

When it comes to floors in your home, you need to find a balance between softness and hardness, as going too far one way can lead to strain and disadvantage.

Cork flooring is the perfect mix of rigidity and malleability, providing trustworthy support in all areas whilst absorbing traversal impact, which reduces the build-up of tension in your body, thus helping you to move comfortably around your home at all times.

cortejo-silenceGet Some Peace and Quiet

This balance, along with cork’s integral shock-absorbing capabilities, makes our Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring one of the quietest flooring types on the market. Tests have shown an impressive 53% decrease in walking sounds when compared to laminate and wood flooring.

This is especially crucial for busy families who are hoping to reduce noise and vibrations inside the house, but want a flooring type that holds its own against the pressures of day-to-day living.

cortejo-simple-installationModern Floors Made to Last and Simple to Install

As a flooring supplier that specialises in quality hardwood and laminate solutions, longevity is crucial to us. Our new Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring will stand among our longest-lasting ranges.

Similarly to our engineered wood flooring, Cortejo Luxury Cork Floors are composed of individual layers that come together to form 7-millimetre planks, each cut with a 2G glueless locking system that makes the installation process extremely simple, and even DIY-friendly.

The cork boards can be floated or fully bonded, depending on your preference, and can be fitted over most subfloors, including existing wood flooring and quality underlayment.

How Our Corejo Luxury Cork Flooring Is Made

The range can be split into two categories, and both have their own unique composition that bolsters lifespan and stands alone in style.

  • Pure Cork: Made from 100% cork, and built with five distinct layers. They are based on a sturdy cork underlay and a rigid core, with a robust inlay and cork surface layer, that is then topped with an HRT (PVC-free) protective coating.
  • Wood-Look: Still made entirely from cork, with the five integral layers and protective coating, but instead of a pure cork surface layer, our wood-look range boasts a high-definition wood printed film, that gives the impression of hardwood over a multilayered cork base.

Both types only differ in their appearance, with one embracing the rustic and organic look of cork and the other leaning into more traditional flooring textures. When it comes to physical properties, they are completely identical.

The Cortejo range is incredibly forgiving, compatible with modern underfloor heating systems, and easy to clean and look after.

Cortejo Muscat Cork Flooring 7mm x 190mm x 1225mm. Price on application.

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