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Woca Care And Protect Kit Oil - Natural. Free Shipping

Product Description

All you need in one box to clean and protect your natural and dark coloured oiled floors. From daily cleaning to deep cleaning, you'll have everything you'll need to keep your floors looking their best with this kit. Containing our WOCA Natural Soap - a pre-mixed soap ideal for cleaning and maintaining oiled surfaces. As well as our Maintenance Oil which is suitable to use following a clean to replenish and lock in the oils that may be stripped when cleanin


Also included is the WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner - a specially developed cleaning product for all indoor wood surfaces, regardless of whether they're untreated, oiled or lacquered. Intensive Wood Cleaner effectively cleans and removes dirt, grease and stains, quickly and easily.

To ensure your floors or furniture are treated properly, the tools you'll need are also included: a white pad to apply products evenly, a polish cloth to help remove residue, a spray head and a helpful guide that outlines everything you need to know.

Woca Care And Protect Kit Oil - Natural. Free Shipping

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