Engineered Oak 


Made from a mixture of ply and an oak top layer enginneered oak offfers fantastic stability and durability.

The thickness varies from 14mm to 20mm with the wear layers from 2.5mm to 6mm. These floor will last for years and years and can be installed in 3 different ways.


Fitting costs will be around £20 per square meter depending on job.

Hallways and W/C have a minumum charge £250.00


Glue Down: This is the best solution where possible and ideal if you have and concrete floor. The subfloor is sealed for moisture protection and the the boards are bonded to the concrete giving an excellent solid floor. 


Secret Nail: The 20mm boards can be nailed if you have an existing wood subfloor or to battens.


Floating floor: This offers a solution when the subfloor is flat but has an existing floor covering on the subfloor. ie Vinyl.